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What rate are you on with your bank?

Have a look at the following sample!

A house valued at €320,000 with a mortgage of €160,000 has good equity built up and could qualify for a better mortgage rate with your bank.

This is known as loan to value (LTV) and Banks offer better rates for lower LTVs so you could get a better rate by simply checking this now

If you get 1% reduction on a mortgage of €160,000 you will save €88.33 Per month and save €26,499 in interest charges over the term of the mortgage.

Steps to a Better Rate

  1. Click on this calculator
  2. Check your loan to value and use lower rate from the grid
  3. Contact us and check if refinance is an option
  4. Alternatively we can supply with a letter you can post to your bank requesting a better rate

Mortgage Protection/Life Cover Review

These premiums have fallen substantially over the last 10 years. If you send us your details (Click here) we can review your policies and respond very quickly with much better options and with better cover.