Green 5 Year Fixed Term Mortgages

With rates starting from 3.95%*


Green Qualification Criteria

You can avail of our Green fixed interest rate where:

  • the property you are buying, trading up, building or structurally renovating has or will have a BER of A1 to B3 (inclusive) or
  • your current property has a BER of A1 to B3 (inclusive), you have 5 years or more remaining on your mortgage and:
    • you are switching your mortgage loan from one lender to another and the property has or will have a BER of A1 to B3 (inclusive) or
    • you are topping up an existing to structurally upgrade the property to achieve an overall BER of A1 to B3 (inclusive) or
    • you are an existing customer and looking to switch to Green.

Please note: if you are already on a fixed rate and wish to switch to our Green Mortgage offer, a breakage fee may apply.

NB* Rate of 3.95% is based on a loan to Vlaue (LTV) of <60% and €250k. After year five, the fixed rate will mature to the prevailing Managed Variable Rate unless and alternative fixed rate is selected. The applicable maturity rate will be based on the LTV on the date your Maturity Options Letter is issued. Rate available to new home mortgage customers. 

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Most sought after service:

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Trading Up 77% 77%
Buy To Let 57% 57%
Switcher Mortgage 66% 66%

Our Mortgage Partners

Ireland Mortgages work with a network of Mortgage Partners that offer comprehensive mortgage products with competitive rates. If we determine that a Mortgage Partner may be better able to meet your needs, we’ll will share that information with you. Here are some of the Mortgage Partners we work with: